Big Denial heads to the UK

If you’re a regular reader the chances are you’re all too familiar with the work of Anthony Watts. Watts is the titular Watts from Watts Up With That, possibly the most widely subscribed blog in the climate denial blogosphere. As such, Watts holds enormous sway over thousands of gullible minds – and not just that, but also over thousands of gullible journalists too.

So, what’s up?

Well, this weekend Anthony Watts is heading to the UK, ostensibly to mount a challenge to Michael Mann, the world’s foremost climate change expert, who is appearing at a small festival to celebrate man’s ability to avoid catastrophe when he gives due weight to risk-minimisation strategies. But what exactly does Watts have planned? Nobody knows (or is able to discern from looking through interminable threads on multiple sceptic blogs). Which is why LFG has decided to get on his case. We’ll be following Watts as he comes to the UK and asking, What’s up with Watts Up With That?

Our full documentary will be available soon but in the meantime check out the trailer below.


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