Actually, yes, why not, let’s frack


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have been saying for FIVE YEARS now that climate change, in the form of climate COOLING, is upon us.
Please see this from March 2014: IPCC: Things are very bad, including the climate  Quote:
Well, the mainstream media headlines emphasise global warming but, as always, go straight to the report. This 5th report is quite newly specific: there is a verifiable ‘pause’ in temperatures…
Similarly, the New Scientist is up to speed, delicately pointing out ‘more cautious statements’. My translation: there are more cautious statements about warming; huge risks remain, i.e. there are still huge risks from climate change because we happen to be in a dangerously worrying cooling phase (again, my translation).
Also this, from March 2014: The fag end of denial? Quote:
Denialism and delayism is always called out by nature in the end. We are fifteen years into a near catastrophic cooling trend: since 1998 rising temperatures have slowed down at an alarming rate. Trended forward to the end of this century such a relentless downward rate of cooling will lead to large chunks of continental Europe becoming frozen wastes, Canada’s agricultural system collapsing, with hundreds of major cities flooded and frozen in succession and hundreds of millions of people on the move just to survive.
So, yes.
Get used to it.
This is why – AT LAST – it’s gratifying to note that Bryony Worthington, author of the UK Climate Change Act, has finally come round to the truth that we must do something about cooling.
Ok, admittedly, I was initially cautious about the particular method Bryony now advocates for cooling but you know what? I think I’ve changed my mind – and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t see it sooner. Yes, fracking can actually help us.
Shale gas fracking releases a lot of methane into the atmosphere. Sounds bad, but actually by releasing this potent greenhouse gas we can slightly warm the atmosphere and MITIGATE the ravages of the deep cooling phase we’re currently locked into.
Go Bryony. Go Fracking.

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