If you were a visitor to the site over the last couple of years thank you for coming. There weren’t enough of you, though, so there’s no point going on. Well no, there is: SJW culture, online activism and NGO disingenuousness and venality (I called it dot.orgism) deserve the piss taken out of them by somebody better than Godfrey ‘this’ll do’ Elfwick or Titania ‘bleedin obvious’ McGrath. I hope therefore somebody new emerges and does that. But it’s a forlorn hope (which informs my decision to get out now).
People don’t much care for comedy anymore. Tragically, comedy, or something that passes for comedy – ‘comedyish’ let’s call it – has become popular as a bolt-on to the more important goal of making a point. Comedyish—the trudge of arguing choreographed to include a few well-worn comedy moves—is dead to the thrill of comedy for its own sake; every joke is an achievement for mother (in this case, all the people on our side of the argument) to pin to the fridge with a proud, jealous glow. As such it is just one more of the maladies of our soulless, bickering age. Please, somebody do a spoof of Godfrey Elfwick. Make us happy again.

March 2016

(Edited to add Titania ‘bleedin obvious’ McGrath)

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