This is the news: LFG is done. That’s that. The fact is, in the innocent dawn of 2014 satire seemed an adequate challenge to the essential unseriousness of the regressive left. Mimicking its simpering and condescending tone and vapid, aggressive posturing was bound to expose the emptiness behind many of the loudest voices leading the charge, leading to nods of recognition and admissions of excess from… Right?
No. So now we look at our forks and see the full horror of the cauterised flesh there pinned. The unseriousness, it turns out, was more serious than it appeared, a real sickness in the soul. Jokes can’t do anything about this, sadly. While Rick (Rik Mayall’s right-on tit of an SJW in The Young Ones ) and Alan Parker, Urban Warrior (‘s equally tittish SJW) may have relieved us from taking student revolutionaries too seriously through the 80s and 90s, nothing light can be made now of what can only be described as a landscape of competing suicide cults.
I will now leave the site untouched as a museum piece, a pin on the map forever marking the fork at which we left the old world of Rik and became a sicker country. As for what I will do now, the first task is to think harder about the various suicide cults surrounding us. I’ll think about what to do after that.


March 2017

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