If you were a visitor here over the last couple of years thank you for coming. There weren’t enough of you, though, to make keeping going worthwhile. I’m probably to blame for this: the posts weren’t exactly prolific or rapid-fire so I never generated enough momentum to flip the site into growth with other writers/animators joining in etc.
Were there other factors? There’s a war going on and maybe people just want war. Culture war, that is.
Which, not to blow my own trumpet, I find sad. Irrespective of how successful it’s been, at least the main aim of this site was comedy. The SJWs/NGOs etc still need someone to put the boot in, though, and not Godfrey ‘this’ll do’ Elfwick or Titania ‘bleedin obvious’ McGrath – somebody funny. But before that can happen we need to get over comedy being used as a bolted-on bump-stock in certain battles in the culture wars. Peppering your argufying with clever put-downs and laboured spoofs turns every joke into a painful achievement, something for the people on your side of the argument to pin to the fridge with a proud glow like a smug parent showing off how brilliant their child is. Comedy is not this; it’s not a weapon; by being only concerned with itself it disarms everyone on the battlefield. Some day someone will do a spoof of Godfrey Elfwick and Titania McGrath and we’ll all be happy again.
Mike Sourgrapes

March 2016

(Edited to update)

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