If you were a visitor here over the last couple of years thank you for coming. There weren’t enough of you, however, to keeping going for. I’m probably to blame for this: the posts weren’t rapid-fire enough to get me over a tipping point into… being at all noticed.
Were there other factors? Well apart from the obvious one of not being very funny, maybe one: in the culture war currently all the rage it seems people want to be a part of something, or to have material presented to them, that confirms they’re right rather than material that’s funny for its own sake. Like I say, I might not have succeeded but at least it was LFG’s main aim to be funny for its own sake. Having a go at SJW culture and pompous and corrupt behaviour within certain social justice and environmental movements and organisations was just the means to this end. It failed, therefore, to provide the concentrated ideological hit of spoof SJW characters like Godfrey Elfwick or Titania McGrath.
It would be nice to get over comedy as one more weapon in the culture wars. Too many jokes now seem like painful achievements, things for the people on your side of the argument to pin to the fridge with a proud glow like a smug parent showing off how brilliant their child is. Comedy is not this; it’s not a weapon. By being primarily concerned with itself comedy disarms everyone on the battlefield. Some day someone will do a spoof of Godfrey Elfwick and Titania McGrath and we’ll all be happy again.
Mike Sourgrapes

March 2016

(Edited to update)

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