2014: A year of…


marcus-cartoon-leaningSince our new launch at the start of the year your Best-Non-Governmental-Organisation-Forever thankfully gained a lot of interest from concerned people all over the world. Brilliant. Thanks to everyone who made 2014 a year of great contributions and even greater action. 2014 was, however, also a year in which certain individuals scurried around for filth to chuck at us in a bid to tarnish our Third Sector arrival. So let’s clear a few things up here and now, one bullying blogger at a time.

1. Stephanie McKittrick of the Climate2Account blog

Upset by the appearance of one of our graphs comparing the higher, more self-centred walking speeds of climate sceptics to normal science consumers in the Lewandowsky paper Pavement etiquette is dead and so is cap-and-trade: correlations of rudeness on a planetary escape path (the second most read paper in psychology journal Frontiers in Habits and Ideology), prolific sceptical blogger Stephanie McKittrick launched a series of blog posts accusing us of a sweep of deception and fraud. Well, let’s get this clear:

(a) I (Marcus) have listed that I went to an ‘upper school’ because I did go to an upper school. Called Blackwood Comprehensive by some, it’s also known as Cefn Fforrest Upper by others. Anyway, upper school/comp, does it make any difference this day and age? Does class mean anything anymore? No. So it doesn’t matter does it?

(b) My name is Marcus Toynboyalé. Michael Smith is what I used to be known as. I decided to go by my second name (Marcus) over fifteen years ago; Toynboyalé, for those creepily interested, is a name of African hue I adopted in a gesture of solidarity with the continent because this is the continent most at risk from future climate change if we don’t act now.

(c) It is not a wig. That was my genuine hair.

2. Antonia Watts of Get Down With It

Upset by our championing of the Etal et al ‘missing heat’ paper, which she claims to have debunked (she hasn’t) the similarly prolific sceptical blogger Antonia Watts claims there is ‘no record’ of either Anthony Giddey at the London School of Environment or of Adam Connolley at the Oslo Metropolitan University, nor is there a record of the London School of Environment in London, or of the Oslo Metropolitan University in Oslo. What about London and Oslo, Antonia, do they exist? Anyway, the fact is Antonia should’ve dug a little deeper because if she had she might’ve chanced across the evidence below:

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 15.16.49

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 15.17.46

3. Christine Nevis of the Institute of Neoliberal Affairs

An inveterate champion of the tobacco and alcohol industries, Christine Nevis of the Smoking Lifestyles Unit of the INA accused us of fabricating the existence of a Wii game to promote the use of e-cigarettes, despite many YouTube videos proving not only that such a game exists, but also it’s excessively popular among children who vape. You can look these up yourself, or to make it vastly quicker see – once again! – the video below:

4, 5. Dame Margaret Hieghho-Dixons

Finally, Dame Margaret claimed in August there was no record of LFG at Charities House or any documentary paper trail connecting LFG to any funding sources available from the EU Parliament. Our response to that is that there’s no documentary evidence leading us up inside Dame Margaret’s backside either, but it presumably does exist as such a lot of noise very frequently roars out of it.

Let’s be clear, then…

…all of these smears are designed to make us look like impostors in the Third Sector sector. They are designed to exclude; to paint us as fraudsters trying it on in the ‘privileged’ world of civil society (which, apparently, according to these belkins, is endlessly propped up by generous EU/Westminster handouts, doled out between chaps and chapesses who went to the same universities and now go to the same conferences, hang out in the same Brussels and Westminster corridors, watch the same films, read the same books, rate the same apps and so on and so on). Scurrilous, malicious and desperate smears, then, with only a minimal, trace, relationship to the truth. Which we will no doubt have to re-face In 2015 – so this year we’re going to prove the naysayers even more wrong by ramping up our interventions for a better world to a frequency and amplitude to shake mountains and molehills.

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