They don’t all leave notes

There is, apparently, a war on against straight white men. Straight white men, it’s said, are the new marginaliseds, not only denied protection and attention but actively resented by society. This is absolutely, one hundred percent true, they say, and if you want proof look no further than Cologne this New Year’s Eve.

After organised mass sexual assault by non-white, non-European men, feminists shifted the blame from those non-white, non-European men to white men, arguing white men were responsible overall for creating a culture of nastiness and rape. Ask yourself: if there wasn’t a deep resentment against white men would this have happened? No. The blame would’ve remained squarely on the non-white, non-European men who carried out the attacks.

Still unsure? Ok, did you know white working class boys are doing the worst in education? A hint of casual contempt for white males seeping into the classroom here, wouldn’t you say? No? Unconvinced? Ok, get a load of this.

Did you know suicide rates of white men are higher than any other demographic?

Boom! There it is. The big one. Surely this, this woeful tally of self-immolation points to something going wrong about our attitudes to straight white males?

Well, sure, it would. If it were true.

But it isn’t true.

In fact, suicide rates amongst fundamentalist Islamist young men are far higher. Far far higher. Please: time to stop ignoring this tragedy going on under our very noses as we sit comfortably sipping coffee in cafes.

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