They don’t all leave notes

There is, apparently, a war on against Straight White Men. SWM, it’s said, are the newly marginalised, denied protection and resented by society.
“If you want proof,” they say, “look at Cologne: after organised mass sexual assault by, as it happens, non-white, non-European men this New Year’s Eve, feminists argued a bigger problem was an overall culture of nastiness and rape by… straight white men.”
Straight white men are resented.
“Or look at education,” they say. “The story we’re told is that girls are held back by sexist, old science and engineering teachers but actually it’s white working class boys who do worst in school.”
Straight white men are resented.
“Or look at suicide statistics,” they say. “The narrative we’re fed is of women self-destructing through incredible oppression and violence but in reality straight white men are killing themselves far more frequently than any other group.”
Straight white men are —
But let me stop you thereLet’s just ponder that last one: are straight white men actually killing themselves more than any other group? Really? The answer is no, isn’t it?
What about fundamentalist Islamist young men – remember them? Remember all their suicides?
Sorry meninists: straight white men are not the newly marginalised. Come back to me when they start strapping on suicide vests and killing a hundred and thirty people at a rock concert.
Until then stfu.

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