Two more minutes, just to make certain

With the president of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse, recently advising anyone interested in science to crush and bury anti-science types, web project Skeptical Science’s new 97 Hours of Consensus event, running over the last three days, couldn’t be better timed. The idea, based around the gradual appearance of ninety seven cartoons of climate scientists, bombards visitors every hour with enough evidence not only to crush and bury climate-science deniers, but stamp the dirt down and use their graves as bathrooms.

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 21.49.00

Or does it? The trouble with climate science deniers is that they tend not to know when they’re beaten; they keep coming back for more. As we approach the last few hours of the 97 Hour event, then, we should be wary that the deniers don’t have their own little event planned as part of some sort of ‘magnificent response’. But if they do, luckily for us, it’s bound to be quite short. This is because if you calculate 97 hours to represent the many hundreds of thousands of scientists worldwide who do believe in climate change, then mathematically, the deniers only really get to have two minutes.

Meaning we only need to extend our efforts a tiny amount. So, let’s meet their two minutes with two more minutes of our own – a hundred and twenty seconds of glorious, raucous, pulverising blast back. The two minutes of correction perhaps? Or two minutes of certainty? If this sounds a bit like the ‘two-minute hate’ in George Orwell’s 1984, it’s deliberately meant to. While in Orwell’s book the masses are goaded to hate a non-existent threat, in our world the threat is all too real and encouraging people to fight against it a great thing to do. So to get everyone in the mood we made a video of what such a blast-back might look like, but as ever, we welcome your suggestions on just how we might ‘crush, bury, stamp on and micturate over’ the denialists.

Check out the video below. Towards the end we run out of ideas a bit, but hopefully you get the general gist.

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