Oh, Clacton

Marcus-post-headerIt’s 10.31 in Clacton, where I am now. Reports are coming through that the really terrible (climate-change denying, smoking friendly etc.) ‘political party’ UKIP has gained its first MP. Having spent three years in Clacton and coming to know it as a second home, I am riven with shame. I will have a much fuller and rounder report about my shame tomorrow, when I’ve had time to gather my emotions but for now the level of shame is tiring me out and I want to go to bed.  

UPDATE 10.10.14

Sorry to say, words still fail me this morning regarding my 2nd home town’s show of ignorance yesterday but fortunately, due to a special visitor we Clactonites were privileged to receive last night, I don’t need any words this morning because his art says it all in a few deft strokes (and minimal use of words). Who am I talking about? I’m talking about Banks. And it looks like Banks came round to turn a long-standing eyesore into a powerful piece of art. The eyesore, present for the last two months, is this – a disgusting piece of racist graffiti:
banksyBanks’s genius response? This:

Thank you Banks for being the voice of the feelings of the vast swathe of enlightened Clactonites this awful morning.

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