Portraits of climate terror (black and white, 120px)

The brain of a depressiac courses with bleak chemistry, flooding rivers of olanzapine over synaptial decay, seretonial corrosion and deep-mined dopamine. Earth too, the nervous centre of the solar system, runs with its own dark imbalancings: earthlings, trepanning the mantel-crust with shale-drills, burrowing trillions of pin prick wounds – a global headache. If we’re to drastically decrease emissions and create a sustainable and safe future, change must come from the top, back and sides and it must come now.

The one that’s happening now.

Portraits of climate terror now take the story further, in black and white photographs. Click below please.




5 responses to “Portraits of climate terror (black and white, 120px)

  1. Yes, they all look pretty terrifying, I wouldn’t like to meet them in an alley on a dark night..

    Except Sooty and Sweep, of course.

  2. I am moved to poetitude.

    These scientists are terrified, you can see it in their expression
    They’re losing the vital struggle against our fossil fuel oppression

    They’re manfully (or womanfully) holding back their bitter sobs and tears
    As they try desperately to contain their runaway climate-related fears

    They see a bad future of floods, melts, recycle bins and fire
    Of planetary unbalancedness and fed-up Gaia’s ire

    So cherish and be kind to them, these saddened yet heroic souls
    Send them cash, find them homes, fill up their needy bowls

    Their plight is on the front line in this horrible conflagration
    As they direly tussle with climate calamity threatening our dear United Nation-

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