The Big Climate Conversation

big-conv-squareIt remains true that we all live under the climate. And in Britain in particular, that means we love to talk about it. This is something to encourage: open, honest and wide ranging discussion of the climate is the only way, ultimately, we can confront the problems climate change presents. With this in mind LFG is today launching our BIG CLIMATE CONVERSATION, a unique section of our website devoted to discussion on all matters cloudy, rainy, windy, hurricaneiac and centigrade.



First up for discussion: the new paper by James Risbey et al, published in Nature Climate Change

This landmark new paper, notably co-authored by renowned climate thinkers Stephan Lewandowsky and Naomi Oreskes, presents a big challenge to the myth that there’s been an ‘unpredicted’ pause in temperature rise over the last 15 years. By predicting that back in 1995 the use of certain climate models would have given a good account of the so-called pause, Risbey et al show that what was predicted as against what would have been – having been in hindsight modelled – hasn’t been; in other words a powerful demonstration of the real power of the better climate models if we could have predicted their use.

Welcome. To the Big Conversation.

26 responses to “The Big Climate Conversation

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    xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx x xx xxxx yes.

    • Mario Sharapova July 22, 2014 at 2:15 pm “…xxxx yes”.
      Oh no. Not that old canard again. How many times can you oil-funded sockpuppets regurgitate zombie arguments from denialist websites run by Heartland-financed one-legged Republican-voting retired meteorologists who probably voted against California proposition 69 advocating free marriage for transvestites and strangle badgers for fun in their free time? Only twice? Don’t make me laugh! 😉 LOL, and ROTFLWWMWATCASIWSIAHPT`
      [Wiktionary: = “Roll on the floor laughing while wagging my willy at the ceiling and singing “I will survive” in a high pitched voice”]

  2. No praise can be to high for your launch of this splendid enterprise, the BIG CONVERSATION. There are so few opportunities on the internet for thoughtful people to get together and exchange thoughts, far from the twitter of the hoipolloi.
    May I make a suggestion? Instead of organising comments by “newest”, “oldest” or, what’s even worst, “most recommended”, may I suggest you rank them in order of the size of IQ of the commenter, or number of peer-reviewed papers published, whichever is greatest. That should sort the men from the boys! (I feel a bit shy about posting my own IQ here – let’s just say that to my Roman friends I’m CLIX 😉
    Looking forward to some passionate interchanges with your magnificent team of conversationalists. Here’s hoping I manage to master all this Log in Save Paste Press This stuff. It’s a bit daunting to a newcomer, especially as my keyboard is in Sanskrit!

      • If you need any help ranking I’m always willing to lend a hand. I use a complex scoring system for ordering comments on my blog involving dozens of discrete data points which I total up. Lots of people comment on the fact that I’m a total ranker.

  3. I wanted to point out that [comment removed] in order to demonstrate that [comment removed] is really useful for “climate communication” because [comment removed]

  4. In reply to AndrewX

    No, your comment is wrong. After being correctly adjusted for ENSO, TOBS, PHA, GIA, GIGO and STFU, global warming isn’t slowing down at all, in fact it’s accelerating.

  5. Hi Marcus
    Could we possibly have an edit function on the comments thread, in order to correct any inexactitudes I, (or anyone else for that matter) might have committed? Plus a recommend button in order to be able to bathe in the satisfaction of being the most popular chap on the block? And tea and biscuits for the best comment?
    Since I posted a comment mentioning my willy which stayed up (the comment I mean, of course 😉 ) giving a certain Mario Sharapova a well-deserved drubbing for his concern-trolling, I’ve thought of a number of other equally sharp comments I’d like to add in the same volley, as it were. Please reply ASAP or I shall take my razor-like wit to Dana Nuccitelli’s blog on the Guardian, where it is well-appreciated under a number of pseudo-plumes, I may add.

    • No don’t go to Dana, Geoff, please. He won’t notice you like we will, the Guardian platform is so generous you’ll get lost in the mix. Stay here, where your comments stand a better chance of drawing real blood, if that’s what you’re looking for. (And from your previous comment it’s obvious you are ;-))

      Btw, rest assured from my angle your comment stats are looking good.

      • Well alright. I’ll think about it.
        But I must say, letting the likes of Mario getting their word in edgeways is a denialist foot in the door, which is not a good sign, in my book.
        By the way (or btw, as I believe one is supposed to express oneself these days) when I do a semi colon followed by a dash and a bracket it comes up as a fully fledged Smiley, grinning from ear to ear, while I was hoping for a Winky, with one eye closed, to show I was being ironic. But you’ve done the same thing and it stays as a semicolon and a dash and a bracket. What do I have to do to get a Winky on your site?
        It’s details like this that make the difference between the Website than can lead the world into a purer better future, and just another bunch of green whiners, imho. (That means “in my humble opinion”, according to my Whictionary. But you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s on the internet.)

  6. to Marcus:
    Well, you may see it as an unscathed winky, but to me, and I imagine to the rest of your readers, it just looks like a semi colon, a dash and a bracket.
    You haven’t really answered my question, but, as a long-time denizen of internet sites, I’m used to that. If I’d had a Smiley for every time a reasonable question on a thread like this has been met by a brush off, I’d be a rich man. (Well, I wouldn’t, but at least I’d be surrounded by a sea of happy smiling faces, which would be some recompense, I suppose).
    Not that any of this matters, of course, in the greater scheme of things. The important thing is to put the likes of Mario Sharapova to rights. Do you think that’s his real name btw? (that means by the way, by the way). I seem to remember reading that the -ova ending was feminine, as in Anna Pavlova, of pudding fame, but these days who knows? Or wk? As we bloggers say.
    Anyway, we have strayed far from the subject in hand, which is ice melt in the ENSO, and whether the PDO can be modelled robustly in Australia, and I must say that you and Naomi Oreskes and Doctor (can I call him Doctor?) Lebechowsky have done a great job of seeing off the doubters. More power to your elbow.

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