Vivienne Westwood: buy better, buy less

Attendee at the launch of Hillside Science Centre last week, Vivienne Westwood, as working class as she’s ever been, today launched her Talk Fracking campaign (, backed by such luminaries as Sir Paul McCartney, Helen Bonham-Carter, Russell Brand and Len Ganley.

Speaking in her working class northern accent, proof if ever it were needed that she’s stayed closer to her roots than most Northerners who do well in life who tend to develop affected speaking styles, Vivienne warned, “if we carry on with fracking and climate change as a result, we’re dicing with the mass extinction of the human race.”

The fashion designer, a passionate advocate for lowering our profligate rates of consumption in the developed world, explained one of the most important ways she contributes to the fight against climate change is by pricing her clothing in such a way that people are forced to ‘buy better and buy less’. An earthily working class mantra she’s now extending to her new food range, ‘Westwood foods’. High end, good quality and climate friendly, the ‘Revolution’ range will include chickens starting at £53.95, a pack of six eggs for £15, and milk in pints and half pints for £20 and £15.50 respectively. While it may seem counter-intuitive to be pricing such commonly bought foods so highly, she avers, it must be remembered that climate change ultimately stands to impact the poorer sections of society much more than richer.



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