Anthony-post-headerAfter listening to Today today I’m struck by a rather uncomfortable thought. In discussions about climate change and the renormalisation of smoking through e-cigarettes it became obvious there is a clear and present danger from those who deny the science that says both are wrong. To the BBC’s credit the discussion on climate change focussed exclusively on what to do about this clear and present danger – false balance between the anti-science idiots and the 97% (of climate scientists who agree) is no longer tenable, it was conceded. So my question is, evil though she undoubtedly was in many ways, was Margaret Thatcher right all along to say we need to starve the bullies, the deniers, the ‘terrorists’, of the oxygen of publicity? After all, if people have an active interest against the real stuff – climate deniers preferring CO2, and e-cigarette pushers preferring glycol vapour – why should we allow them the publicity version? Is this the one small concession we can make to Thatcher’s legacy? I never thought I’d say it, but maybe on this issue she was spot on.


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