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elizabeth-post-headerAt LFG we’re all about the brain, but what is the brain? The most sensible answer is that it’s a tool for communication, which is itself a tool – the greatest tool for wellness we know of. Yes, penicillin, erythromycin or diazepam can make you well and no doubt the synthetic-biology advances zooming round the corner will be even more beneficial but if you don’t tell, i.e. communicate to, the doctor about the bleeding in your colon you get nowhere.
For mental illness times that by ten. As recently discussed at a conference held in – of all unlikely places! – silicon valley in California – communication for those with a mental health problem is often literally a life-saver. What’s more, over a sunny, optimistic morning slide after slide and testimonial after testimonial showed that people with mental health problems are increasingly relying on social media to get to grips with living through the difficulties of their condition. I’d like to find out if that’s matched in the UK.
If you have experience of mental health difficulties and social media I’d love to hear your story via the questionnaire below. Two of the largest social networking sites currently popular on the internet are Pinterest, the vast interests-based network and by far the largest social hub for music-lovers, Last FM, so if you have any good or bad experiences using these networks let me know. Thank you!




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