3 responses to “It’s taken till now – 1

  1. Whilst I love your idea of turning the tables on ‘gamification’ I really don’t think introducing competition into cooking will help reduce carbon emissions or help in any other way either. Let’s face it, ‘competition’ is why we are where we are (i.e. f*cked) – GlaxoSmithKline competes against Pfizer, competes against Nestle, competes against Roche with the only result being status anxiety, hollow existential gap, void-filling with materialist over-indulgence, planetary limits breached, soil soiled. Why must we encourage this system in the kitchen, one of the most hallowed spaces for communal, co-operative fellowship we have left? Please, people, let’s try a little bit harder.

  2. Commentator earthwillrecover has it right, I fear. Also, would not added “fun” just be an invitation to indulge in the sort of heedless hedonism that has – along with unbridled competition and the insidious neoliberal agenda – caused humanity to shockingly stray from the sustainable straight-and-narrow?

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