divest-on-stageHow to act in a failing climate? Whether we should? The answer – surely – is yes. Art has always changed the way we think, it can do so now at the behest of our need to survive. Use the sounds and pictures created inside your head at this unique live performance at Camden’s Roundhouse this February 23rd to do so. Plan an escape, and organise a different way of sharing resources. Exclusively assembled for LFG by auduer Divest, “8 pence a pound” patches the sounds of everyday place-distress onto a low rumble of data-hiss, co-mixing and harmonising peer-reviewed statistics and journaled Bayesian probabilities with more familiar sounds of environmental strain for an immersive conversion experience. Record it! Then, afterwards, de-crypt the hiss for the meat of the facts, and change some of the things you do daily from now on. This is: art as tool; sound as guide; noise as signal.


Facts you will experience at the performance: the imminence of infrastructural decay notwithstanding any solid international climate agreement; the heat at which wading birds decline water; boiling point creep;

Sounds you will experience at the event: Sir Paul Nurse, President of the UK’s Royal Society, commanding one to ‘act!’; the terrific roar of wind and its increasing speed since 1987; hot sun frying a nightjar’s egg; Dara O’Briain googling and then disheartened by ocean PH;


nappy-changeDivest co-ordinated his first art event while at giant pill pusher GSK. As a an administrative assistant over the university holidays, he arranged thirty friends in the foyer who then mumbled the word ‘swallow’ while balancing upside-down glasses of water on the tops of their heads, i.e. it was the humans being swallowed.

With its unique position as the UK’s innovation foundation, Nesta uses FutureFest to gather some of the planet’s most radical thinkers, makers and performers together to create an immersive experience of what the world might be like in decades to come.

FutureFest is designed as a multi-format festival which gives visitors ample opportunity to take self-guided journeys. The programme will span discussions, performances, installations and interactive experiences. Attendees will be engaged as active participants, informed and challenged to explore and formulate their own vision of the future.

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