So, in case you didn’t know, three of us contributed to your favourite SJW/Eco-worrier satire site: me (Lindon Wiking), Mike (Mike Marcus Smith) and Linda (Linda Joseph) and as you may well know if you happen to be reading this, up until a few days ago, three of us stopped working on LFG back in January 2016. One of us (Mike) now wants to do something new, however – and in a bid to give him every possible assistance in this probably exceptionally good new venture Linda and I, away, retired from satire, earning money now, agreed to this last post as a bridge for legacy readers to cross, if they so choose, to Mike’s new direction.
notice is hereby given of the foreclosure of LFG and every one of its satirical doings. Yes, LFG is no more. The fact is three years ago, in the innocent dawn of 2014, satire seemed an adequate foil to all the madness bubbling off the progressive left. It had, even as long as three years ago, become so laughable everyone could see it, and making fun of it would be the end of it – it was going to be that easy. Incredibly, that didn’t happen. Instead the progressive left has responded by becoming even more insane, devolving (or regressing) into cult-like defensiveness and over-sensitivity on the one hand and tyrannical aggression and bullying on the other. The result is they will not and now cannot listen. They have made dialogue, conversation, discussion and humour impossible and war inevitable.
I will now leave the site untouched as a museum piece (except for here which will serve as an alternative hub to YouTube).

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