Fear for the future is right-wing? Two words: John Oliver

Marcus-post-headerTo that vocal minority who like to drone on that ‘doom-mongering’ or ‘catastrophism’ is an apparent ‘tactic’ of reactionary, conservative forces… one word: John.

To the majority of that vocal minority who try to tarnish us lefties concerned about climate change by saying we’re ‘aping’ this conservative ‘politics of fear’… a second word: Oliver.

John Oliver. John Oliver.

A bit about John Oliver.

John Oliver is not conservative. Or elite. Or reactionary. Or priveleged. He is a fighter. Against conservative forces.

The facts: before he was a top presence on the US networks, Ollie worked in a food-packaging factory, on the night shift, doing a 12hr stint from 8pm to 8am, for a pittance of a wage, before moving on to call-centre work. Equally a drudge, if a little bit more physically comfortable as you could actually sit down to service the incessant, voracious demands of the (deludedly) feral masses, it was here, incensed by the pitiless nature of the working rota, that he agitated against all odds to form a union in a Thatcherite, post-union world. Finding no takers for his fight, John then moved on – to more casualised labour, the laissez-faire market place desecrating working conditions and contracts as the 90s wore on. Taking on 6am shifts on heavy-load shifting delivery-driving work, John began to hone his now legendary, politically radical comedy, built on years of financial struggle, workplace exploitation, and a love for his fellow working class compadres.

So, to that vocal minority who would imply that John Oliver – stolid, hard-working, elite-averse – somehow fails to represent the progressive, liberal left when he fights for the climate: you are stupidly misinformed or wilfully trying skew the agenda to your own devious ends.

Yes, it says on Wikipedia that John went to Cambridge University and seamlessly moved into the world of comedy, by-passing the working struggles of 90% of the population. Yes, Wikipedia fails to mention the decades of penniless toil and hurt, loneliness, ridicule and illness, painting instead a picture of unearned, faux-radical, bien-pensant imposture, BUT – the fierce bravery and colossal strength of will that has allowed John to be in the place that he’s in now is a matter of record that pulses through every horny hand and fibrous strand of his partially ruined, overworked, working class body.



No. JO is the ‘working class hero’ that John Lennon sang about.

Now take a look at the brilliantly clever, elite-bashing, satirically genius viral video that’s got all these Daily Mail readers up in arms where he fills the room with 97 scientists who agree with dangerous climate change and three non-scientist commentators who deny dangerous climate change to make the point of there being a 97% consensus around the fact that humans are warming the earth to a dangerous degree and we need to change our filthy, ill-educated and in many respects vulgar consumption habits because let’s face it a lot of people don’t know any better (i.e the majority of people sadly):



8 responses to “Fear for the future is right-wing? Two words: John Oliver

  1. And he’s also the voice of Vanity Smurf! A character less like the stereotypical self-regarding bien-pensant luvvie would be difficult to imagine. ;-)

  2. In fact, it looks like they’re bringing the Wombles back next year (CGI, of course) on Channel 5, so he has a chance to restore some cred. :-)

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